Writing Outliner

Turn Microsoft Word into a perfect software tool for writer’s.

writing-outliner-icon2Write your next novel, non-fiction book, manual or academic document in MS Word using this software. Writing Outliner is a Word add-in for creative and professional writers who work on large or complex writing projects.

Produced mainly for creative and professional writers. The most important concept behind this software is its ability to manage project-based writing projects.  A project being a long or complex text that you might work on for days, weeks, or even months, for example, a book (novel, or non-fiction), a research paper, a serious of columns, a personal diary, or even a note book.

With Writing Outliner, you manage and write each piece of your writing project as smaller separate documents, because smaller separate documents are more manageable for a long or complex wring project. Then when everything is finished you can easily merge all those seperate documents into one document to produce the finished article.

Writing Outliner works with and requires one of the following version of Microsoft Word 2013/2010(32 bit only), 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000.


System Requirements

OS: Windows XP,Vista,7,8
License: Free to try
File Size: 5.9 Mb
Submited: 18/11/2016
Price: $79.00

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