Aoao Watermark for Photos

Stop people copying your photos by applying a watermark.

aoao-watermark-for-photos-icon2Aoao Watermark for Photos is an easy-to-use photo watermark software program which provides professional photo protection solutions for your digital photos. It’s the most effective way to protect your photo’s copyright and avoid unauthorized usage. Aoao Watermark for Photos supports batch watermarking. This watermarking process will save you lots of time.  If you want to watermark 300 photos, you can use batch watermarking mode which will need only 1 minute instead of 3 hours by doing them separately.

Without Watermark:
If you share or sell you pictures via internet, you never know what will happen. Someone may copy or republish your photo and you can do nothing about this.

With Watermark:
Watermark will protect your photo copyright. Your photos will hardly bad used by others. If someone republish your photos via internet, visitors will know that photos are belongs to you through the watermark.


System Requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Version: 8.7
License: Demo
File Size: 9.5 Mb
Submited: 15/03/2016
Price: $29.90

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