SweepTools PC Cleaner

Thoroughly checks your PC’s performance and fixes all issues.

sweeptools-pc-cleaner-iconDoes it takes ages for your PC to boot up? Is your PC getting slower and slower? With new and old programs and thousands of files it sometimes seems impossible to diagnose what exactly slows down your PC. Even if you find the reason, it can be hard to fix it.

SweepTools can come to the rescue. With this software installed all you need to do is click one button and let the SweepTools PC Cleaner do its magic! You do not need to go through all your files, applications, processes and everything else to find out what is wrong with your PC. PC Cleaner does it all for you! It scans your PC to the very last file and uncovers all possible reasons for your low PC speed.

After that it employs all its powerful tools to optimize and boost your PC’s performance. SweepTools PC Cleaner resolves all slowdown issues, clears out your junk files, repairs your registry and turns off all unnecessary processes. After which you fint that your PC runs as good as new.

Problems and Fixes include:

Windows Registry Errors
Avoid system crashes and startup issues by finding and fixing all Windows Registry errors.

Running Slower
Your PC keeps getting slower and slower? Clear all issues and stop all unused processes to boost your PC.

Junk files
Delete junk files from your PC, regain space and remove clutter.

Optimize PC Startup
Speed up PC startup by choosing to launch only the applications you need.

Uninstall Programs
SweepTools PC Cleaner helps you quickly and fully deinstall programs that you do not need anymore.

Registry Defragmentation
Defragment your Registry on a regular basis to keep it intact and retain your PC’s Performance at its best.

Junk files
Delete junk files from your PC, regain space and remove clutter.


System Requirements

OS: Windows XP,Vista,7,8
License: Free to try
File Size: 18.2 Mb
Submited: 01/11/2016
Price: $49.95

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