Spin It Again

Convert Your LPs and Cassettes to CD and MP3.

spin-it-again-iconSpin It Again is the easiest way to convert Your LPs and Cassettes to CD and MP3. Remember all those ‘oldies but goodies’? They just don’t make those classic vinyl LPs and cassette tapes on CD. Well, dust off your old 33’s, 45’s & 78’s, because Acoustica’s Spin It Again™ can easily record any vinyl LP to CD or cassette to MP3. Not only will our software make the whole recording and track dividing process child’s play, but it will also dramatically clean your recordings by getting rid of click and pop record noise, or by removing hiss and hum off old cassettes.  You can also record your LP collection and cassettes to your iPod or portable MP3 player.


System Requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Version: 2.5
License: Free 14 Day Trial
File Size: 10.5 Mb
Submited: 20/03/2016
Price: $34.95

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