Money Calendar

Manage your money and plan ahead with this personal finance software.

money-calendar-iconMoney Calendar stands out of the crowd as personal finance software and enables you to keep track of your money right on the calendar. Using a calendar for planning your finances is a lot more convenient and intuitive than making up a long list. Money Calendar links financial planning and money management together,  you don’t need to do anything extra and you do the bookkeeping and planning simultaneously.

With Money Calendar, you can do a lot more than just keep a record of your current finances – you can analyze the past and plan the future revenue and expenses. That won’t require you to do any special actions or plan all kinds of silly questions like “How much are you planning to earn in a year?” Simply keep records of your finances, open the project statistics, and you will clearly see how much you are planning to get in a year (a week or a month).

You can analyze your data using statistics diagrams that show you the overall state of your finances. The expenses diagram will help you determine which category is the most wasteful, and which one is the most profitable. Also, at your disposal are 6 standard reports that enable you to can create your own reports.


System Requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Version: 5.1
License: Free to try
File Size: 7.8 Mb
Submited: 26/11/2016
Price: $29.95

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