A small utility that allows you to easily organize your open windows.

maxtu-iconYour desktop usually feels kind of cluttered, doesn’t it?  MaxTu enables you to split your screen into useful sections.  This software is really useful if you have a large screen and have several applications open at any one time. MaxTu is especially useful for high-end LCD screens with high resolutions because it helps you to efficiently manage many active windows.

MaxTu saves you from having to drag and drop windows by allowing you to snap windows into specific tiled configurations using simple keyboard hotkeys. MaxTu features automated window handling, process association, global hotkeys and clickable virtual numpad, automatic startup, automatic update, moving a window with mouse, hotkey configure, layout configure, fusion between two windows, minimize or restore by hotkey, and mosaic mode.


System Requirements

OS: Windows Vista,7,8,10
Version: 2015.11.1
License: Free 30 Day Trial
File Size: 6.2 Mb
Submited: 11/03/2016
Price: $19.00

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