Easy XML Editor

An easy to use and simplified XML editor for all your XML editing.

easy-xml-edior-iconAs the name would suggest, Easy XML-Editor is an easy to use and simplified XML editor. It shows XML well structured and clearly, modifications are made easily using various editing features. The software makes it easy to locate and edit the information you need to change.

Whereas common XML editors are typically a modification of text editors, Easy XML Editor is different. It treats XML files for what they are: A hierarchic composition of nodes that have children and attributes.

When working with XML files, you want to structure the contents using these instruments. Following the syntax with opening and closing element tags has been seen as mandatory. Easy XML Editor will free you from that, this reduces the need for typing enabling you to concentrate on the contents.

When working with plain XML code, you need to keep track of the correct XML structure. In complex files this can be an exhausting task, Easy XML Editor frees you from this work. XML data is presented in a clear and easy to handle way, for example restructuring can be done using drag-and-drop and data can be shown in tables.

Easy XML Editor enables you to edit your XML files using editable fields, restructuring tools, table editing mode, auto completion assistance, change history tracking and more. Completed XML files can also exported to HTML or CSV file formats.

Note: Java Runtime Environment (v1.5 or higher) is required to run Easy XML Editor. Most Windows machines have this installed already, but if not you can download it from https://www.java.com/en/download/


System Requirements

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Version: 1.7
License: Free 60 Day Trial
File Size: 5.9 Mb
Submited: 01/01/2017
Price: $28.00

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