Cute Reminder Pro

Create desktop Sticky Notes and Reminders with this software.

cute-reminder-proCreate desktop sticky notes, set up non-annoying reminders, and manage your ideas with just one or two mouse clicks. Instantly create new reminders for your appointments, important events and deadlines. You will be gently reminded but not distracted from your current work. It puts a colorful but very unabtrusive quck launch bar on the right hand border of your desktp screen for quick access.

Cute Reminder software supports schedule, recurrent reminders, individually colorable skins, audio files in various formats (mp3, wma), quick search and easy arrangement of sticky notes on your desktop, linking files and Web pages to reminders, archiving of notes and reminders into history, printing, and more. It automatically tracks the related events within the archive, so you can see an individual history of any specific issue.

With the help of this easy to use software you can easily create desktop sticky notes and make reminders for an appointment, birthday, phone call, bill payment, meeting, tv show, and other events or tasks and you will never miss anything important.

Reminders, Notes, and Ideas

All the information Cute Reminder stores for you is classified depending on how it relates to you. There are only three simple categories: Reminders, Notes and Ideas and all are indevidually available from a quick launch bar.

Reminders – Reminders are pieces of information tightly bound to a specific time. For example, if you have a meeting on Monday at 11:00 AM then you should set up a reminder, which will appear on your desktop at the specified time prompting you on the event. If you have a deadline, you set up a reminder to allow you to do the work in a timely fashion.

Notes – Notes are pieces of information not bound to a specific deadline. You use notes to remind you to do something when you have time. For example, you create a note in order not to forget to write a letter to a friend. Or, you can make a note to store temporary information such as a phone number or address. The notes are placed on your desktop, and they remain visible unless you hide them.

Ideas – Ideas are pieces of information, which is unproven, unreliable, or incomplete. This kind of information does not assume any deadlines or immediate actions. Use ideas to avoid wasting your resources and time working on fuzzy goals.


System Requirements

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Version: 2.6
License: Free to try
File Size: 2.9 Mb
Submited: 11/12/2016
Price: $39.95

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