KeyDepot – Password Safe

Encrypt and keep all your passwords in a password protected safe.

keydepot-iconAbelssoft‘s KeyDepot stores every password you have in an encrypted safe! Everyone’s heard it all before — experts tell you that all your passwords should use cryptic combinations of characters, be changed weekly, and absolutely never be written down. But who has the time and superhuman memory to keep track of all these passwords?

KeyDepot offers a virtual “safe” for your Windows computer that securely preserves and manages all your valuable passwords all in one place. Everyday there’s more and more—our daily lives are cluttered with innumerable sensitive PINs, credit card numbers, website logins and email passwords. Using only a handful (or even less) of solutions for all these services is highly inadvisable, as it leaves one vulnerable to a catastrophic security breach, but it’s generally the only way one can remember them all.

Abelssoft’s KeyDepot takes all your passwords, encrypts them, and then stores them in a virtual safe that can be accessed with a single click and just one password. This way you only ever need to remember just one password.  Once inside your safe, one click copies any password to the clipboard for use with your respective service.

Security experts advise the use of long passwords consisting of arbitrary sequences of lower and uppercase letters, as well as numbers; KeyDepot makes this easy, automatically generating and saving such passwords with just one mouse click.

Thanks to KeyDepot, users have the security benefits of using many long, complex passwords with the convenience of remembering just one. Everything is right on your desktop.  This approach is perfect for day to day use of PayPal, eBay, Amazon, iTunes, Online Banking and other such services.


System Requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Version: 2016.3.28
License: Free 30 Day Trial
File Size: 8.5 Mb
Submited: 11/11/2016
Price: $29.90

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