All My Books

Catalog all your precious books with this cool software.

all-my-books-iconAll My Books is the only book cataloging software you’ll ever need. The software helps you to archive, organize and track your collection through an easy to use, flexible interface. Whether you’re working with printed, audio, e-books — or a combination of all three; All My Books has exactly what you need to catalogue your entire collection!

  • Forgot who you lent that Harry Potter book to?
  • Curious how many Stephen King books you’ve read?
  • Want to print a list of books, or upload it to your iPad / iPhone?
  • Interested in organizing your collection based on genre?

You can do all this with All My Books. If you’ve ever imagined how cool it would be to have access to a book cataloging program as powerful as your local library, there’s no need to wonder anymore. Take your private collection to the next level through familiar functionality and dozens of fun features.

With All My Books, all you need to create a new book reference is title, author name, or ISBN number! Plug in any one of those three pieces of information, and AMB handles the rest by loading information gathered from online sources. Select your book from the list of results and the description, book cover… everything you’d ever want to know about that book is added to your personal AMB database.

There are so many more features in this book cataloging software, download and give it a try for free, you wont be sorry.


System Requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Version: 4.8
License: Free 30 Day Trial
File Size: 11.5 Mb
Submited: 11/09/2016
Price: $39.95

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