About 5 Star

5 Star is a Windows software archive, and one of the most trusted software download sites on the Internet. We are based in the UK and have been providing quality shareware (try before you buy software), Free and Demo Windows software downloads to the online community since 1996.

Users who visit 5 Star are usually looking for Windows software that will accomplish a particular task.  All of the software we list is developed by trusted, experienced third party software companies and individuals.  Most enable you to try the software first for free to see if it meets your particular needs, if it does then you can usually purchase and unlock the full unlimited  version of the software for a very reasonable price.  If it doesn’t meet your needs then you can easily uninstall the software and you will owe nothing. Even if you don’t uninstall the software you still wont be charged, not until and if you are ready to buy.

So, whether you are looking for accounting software, security software or just a useful utility,  you are sure to find what you need at 5 Star, and don’t worry, at no time will you ever be charged for the software until you are ready to buy.  In fact you can download and try as much software as you like at absolutely no charge.

A New 5 Star

Those who regularly visit 5 Star will have noticed that our website has been redesigned and the number of software titles offered is smaller then it used to be, this is because we have removed a large number of software titles that were either not being supported properly, were old, out dated or were not being downloaded. We are still in the process of adding some of the quality legacy software titles we used to list and we will do this on a continual basis.

You may have noticed that some software archives will list just about any software that they can get their hands on resulting in a bloated archive filled with bad as well as good software.  This is not the 5 Star way. We will not list just any old software which is why we don’t allow auto submissions from publishers.  We believe in listing only the best software for our users. 5 Star will continue to add quality new software and updates to the archive on a regular basis.

Virus Free Downloads

To ensure that our visitors receive quality software that is free from viruses and malware, we go the extra mile by downloading and testing each piece of software for any sign of viruses or malware before offering it for download.

Software Submissions
5 Star does not allow auto submissions to its archive.  If you have a Windows software product that you feel would be suitable for our archive please contact us and let us know. 5 Star reserves the right to refuse any submission if it believes that the software is below the standard expected by its users or is unsuitable for a Windows software downloads website.