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Ultimate Startup Manager 1.1

License:Shareware OS:Win 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
Rating: Rated 5 Stars. Submitted:4 Apr 2005
File Size:2.21 MB Price: $19.99 USD (approx.)

Ultimate Startup Manager allows you to easily manage all programs started automatically by Windows. It includes lots of features which will make your work with Windows more comfortable, faster and safer.

You can create profiles which contain any set of programs you want to run. When Windows starts you can select which profile you want to run, and that's it! No need to restart system, and no need to change anything. You can also associate some system settings such as wallpaper or resolution with each profile.

Ultimate Startup Manager can also help you to protect your computer against viruses, spy-ware, add-ware and tons of other trash you don't want to have in your system.

The program has the ability to run programs on a clean system - even without shell. This is called "Turbo mode" and it provides the best performance and stability possible on your system. During startup you can select programs to start in this mode and even create profiles to automatically enter this mode.

The unique Kids Protection System allows you to create a list of items (applications, movie clips or any other documents) and then during startup USM asks for a password. Without the valid password it is only possible to run items from the list. It is impossible to run anything else.

There is also a reminder to help you remember important information. Create events which will pop up during system startup every day, every week or on desired date. You will greatly benefit from using USM even on fast computers with lots of memory.

License information: Free 14 Day Trial

This download is the free trial version of Ultimate Startup Manager. The full version can be purchased for around $19.99 USD.