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Coeli - Stella 2000 6.01

5 Star Pick
License:Shareware OS:Win 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000
Rating: Rated 5 Glowing Stars. Submitted:3 Dec 2001
File Size:4.25 MB Price: $49.99 USD (approx.)

Coeli - Stella 2000 is a complete astronomy suite with real-time sky display, observing log, and educational reference.

It features an observing log; a live ephemeris; location browser; a powerful search which includes planets, comets, DSOs, and over 16,000 stars; two animation modes; the Complete Messier Catalog in image icons; and a variety of effects such as scintillation (twinkling), atmospheric refraction and extinction, precession, and accurate visual representation of every star's colour index.

You can explore realistic skies in real time, in point-source, spotlight, and the new photoplate display modes. You can easily select your viewing location from a drop-down list of over 1,300 preset locations. It provides ease and flexibility in manipulating the sky display, with quick centre, zoom, and unzoom. It includes a comprehensive status bar for the sky window, showing LCT, GMT, LST, Gregorian date, Julian date, and Altaz of projection's centre, all updated in real-time.

Stella offers a choice of four different celestial projections in which to observe the night sky on your PC, from 0-90 degrees of elevation and 0-360 degrees of the compass in either resizeable windows or in full screen mode. You may advance, retard, or animate the simulation's clock by years, months, days, minutes, and seconds of both sidereal or solar time.

Stella 2000 also includes a Sky Quiz to test your knowledge, as well as "Coeli Solar Guide" and "Astrogloss", which are two reference guides in HTML format (complete with hypertext links). The Coeli Solar Guide provides a tour of our Solar System, interactively linked to Stella's Sky and Picture windows. Astrogloss is a dictionary of astronomical terms with complete interaction with Stella's Search and Sky display functions. So when you click on an object in the sky it will bring up that object's definition in the Dictionary.

Latest features include new databases of over 300 recent and periodic comets, incorporating the elements of all new comets passing perihelion in 2001/2002, along with a complete overhaul of Stella's comet computation routines, and 4 brand new databases and displays of asteroids and minor planets incorporating the orbital elements for those objects brightly visible during 2001/2002. A new menu entry - Plane - has been added under Viewpoint. There is now Integral control of the Meade LX200 and ETX range of telescopes, Milky Way boundary lines for the sky display, and much more.

This download is the free trial version of Coeli - Stella 2000. The full version can be purchased directly from the author for around $49.99 USD. See program documentation for details.