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Heros Of Might And Magic III

Venture into the fantasy land of Might and Magic where development skills are key.

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Murdered by traitors and resurrected as an evil lich, Erathia's undead king leads an invasion of his former kingdom. Little resistance is met until his daughter Katherine, Queen of Enroth, returns to her homeland with elite Enrothian warriors.

Heroes of Might and Magic III takes you to a new land under the threat of annihilation from an undead host! In a savage series of battles for control of Erathia, you command the land's greatest heroes and fiercest creatures in the fight to restore peace and prosperity.

Discover the plot behind the murdered king, and free him from the prison of his undead body or Erathia will forever be plunged into darkness.

Features: Heros of Might and Magic III . .

  • Enhanced Graphics: 100% pre-rendered 3D characters, units, buildings, and environments all running in a new high-res, 16-bit color world.
  • Larger Tactical Combat Maps: 50% increased combat maps and more destructible terrain.
  • Addictive Game-Play: The cornerstone of Heroes of Might and Magic games, once you play - you're hooked.
  • More Variety: 8 completely new towns and castles. 16 different Hero types, and over 100 unit types guarantee hours and hours of gameplay.
  • Realistic Look: Top technology and talent combine to create the most realistic animation and character graphics yet seen in this genre.
  • Improved Multiplayer Options: 8 player support for LAN, and simple set up and sign on allows instant Internet access to hundreds of human opponents.
  • More Character Development: One of the most asked for changes, players will be able to develop and customize their game persona.