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EasyLock 3.4

EasyLock solves the dilemma of having to enter a password all the time to protect your data.

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Many users do not secure their devices because they don't want to enter a password all the time. But shouldn't they use some security after all?

EasyLock tries to solve this dilemma. It is the first security application for PalmOS that approaches the problem the other way around by trying to minimize the number of password entries.

Instead of entering a password at every power-on, you have to login by pressing one or two buttons at power-on within a short timeframe. If you fail to press the correct buttons in time, the device will lock and require a password entry.

EasyLock's features:

  • Fast login to your PalmOS device - you are very soon so used to pressing your buttons that you won't notice it anymore.
  • Can display a customisable image (b/w, greyscale or colour) at power-on.
  • Comes with a set of options to adjust the level of security to your needs.