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Tetris Classic 1.0a

5 Star Pick

The authentic classic Tetris game faithfully reproduced for your Palm Connected Device.

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The authentic classic Tetris game faithfully reproduced for your Palm Connected Device.

The object of this electronic puzzle game is deceptively simple and completely addictive. The player must position falling shapes called Tetraminoes across the bottom of a rectangular pit. Tetraminoes are shapes created from 4 blocks joined together into 7 different patterns. The Tetraminoes must be rotated as they fall and positioned across the bottom leaving no open spaces.

When an entire horizontal line fills with blocks, the line clears from the screen and the player earns points. If lines are not completely filled with blocks, they will not clear from the screen, and the Tetraminoes will continue to stack up higher and higher. If the stack of Tetraminoes reaches the top, the game is over. But if the player keeps clearing lines, game play continues at a faster and faster pace with more and more points earned for cleared lines.

Features include:

  • Unlimited levels of difficulty with the ability to start on levels 0-9.
  • Configure the Palm handheld device's buttons in several ways to control piece movement, rotation, and drop speed.
  • Record your high scores.
  • Play several game variations including Marathon, Garbage, Ultra and Timed.
  • Turn sounds and explosions on or off.