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PictureLogic 6.3

Use logic and deduction to solve PictureLogic puzzles.

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PictureLogic puzzles are also known as nonograms, paint by number, or picross puzzles. Working these puzzles is like working a crossword puzzle, except that you use logic and deduction instead of verbal skills.

You start with a grid which has numbers along each row and each column, which tell you the length of the blocks which are filled in, but not how many spaces are between them. The goal is to fill in the grid to match the numbers. When you finish, you have created a picture. Over 500 puzzles are available at the Shared Puzzle Collection page. Includes a puzzle tutor with 21 one-row puzzles with hints, for developing and honing your puzzle skills.

Now with colour for the Palm IIIc and gray scale for OS 3.0+. PictureLogic is ompatible with Palm OS 2.0 + (Including the new Palm OS 3.5), including PalmPilot Pro, PalmIII, PalmIIIe, PalmIIIx, PalmV, PalmVx, PalmVII, PalmIIIxe, and PalmIIIc.