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TapCalcCPA 1.31

A handy financial calculator that provides a simulated paper tape.

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tApCalcCPA is a handy financial calculator featuring simulated paper tape technology that allows users to record calculations and save them for future reference and editing.

Paper tape simulation has many advantages - you can start a calculation and continue adding new calculations or you can edit incorrect data in the calculation and recalculate without re-entering all the data again. The tape can also be saved as a .txt file for editing with other applications.

In addition to standard calculator functions and memory functions, tApCalcCPA provides a host of other functions:

Calculator Functions

  • Has all standard numbers and operators.
  • Memory functions.
  • Scientific operators: SQRT, 1/X and %.
  • Supports all regional number formats.
  • Options to set number of decimal places to display, TAX rate, and output tape format.

Accounting Functions

  • TAX+ and TAX- keys to automatically calculate tax.
  • Sub-total, Total and Grand Total keys to display running sub-total, total and grand total of all totals.
  • Mark-up, Mark-down keys to calculate profit mark-up or down on sale price.

Tape related functions

  • Calculations recorded in tApCalcCPA paper tapes can be saved.
  • Each line on calculation can have comments indicating what it is for.
  • Saved tapes can be loaded and extended with additional calculations.
  • Tapes can be edited to add labels to calculations or correct mistakes in numbers and operators.
  • Tapes can be printed, beamed, or emailed.