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TinySheet 3.3

5 Star Pick

A full-featured Excel-compatible spreadsheet for the Palm.

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TinySheet is a full-featured Excel-compatible spreadsheet for the Palm with PC synchronization to Excel and the Internet.

Take your spreadsheets with you or create new ones on the move. Use TinySheet for anything ranging from simple tasks, like keeping lists, to making highly sophisticated financial calculations and comparisons. Tinysheet is perfect for "what if" analysis, anytime and anywhere.

You can download the TinySheet Conduit, a free Windows synchronization software for seamless and direct synchronization of Excel files, CSV files, tab-delimited files, and HTML files. Import and Export spreadsheets (including tab and comma-delimited files with values or formulas) on both PC and Macintosh.

Other features include: built-in arithmetic, financial, statistical, scientific and trig functions. Supports row and column freezing and drag-and-drop column resizing. Sophisticated formula handling including absolute and relative cell references. Advanced formatting options (cell data justification, decimals, fonts, etc.) are easily set.

TinySheet uses 195kb of RAM.