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Hammurabi 1.1

License:Freeware OS:Pocket PC
Rating: Rated 4 Stars. Submitted:2 Sep 2004
File Size:1.28 MB

Hammurabi pits you as the leader of the ancient land of Sumeria. Your task as ruler is to manage the available resources as efficiently as possible, and to last ten years without being sacked for incompetence.

To be a good leader means feeding your people - mass starvations are, unsurprisingly, not a good way to gain points in the popularity rankings. The interface is deceptively simple, being text-only and displaying all the information that you need to see on one screen.

As leader, you must decide whether to sell or buy land as well how the available food should be distributed. As with all such strategy games, the secret is finding the perfect balance. Too much land and you might not have enough villagers to get the most out of it; too little, and you won't produce enough to feed your hungry population.

This game is by no means an epic showstopper of a game, nor does it try to be. Think of it more as an alternative to Solitaire, something to while away a few spare minutes you might find during the train journey to work.

Hammurabi is "donation-ware". This means, you can download and play the game without any restrictions free of charge. If you want to support the Author, you can donate $1 by "buying" the game. As a kind of "Thank you" you'll recieve a program icon for the game for your Start Menu.

Hammurabi is licensed as freeware and is therefore free to download, use and keep.