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StuffIt Standard 9.0.2

5 Star Pick

Four compression utilities in one convenient package.

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StuffIt Standard (formally known as Stiffit Lite) combines all four of Aladdin's award-winning, drag-and-drop access and compression utilities into one convenient package. The program includes free StuffIt Expander, along with the DropStuff, DropZip and DropTar shareware utilities.

StuffIt Expander - Free StuffIt Expander gives you quick and easy access to virtually any file, Internet download, or email attachment. Expander is easy to use - just drag, drop, and you're done! For a list of file formats Expander can handle, visit Expander's product page.

DropStuff - DropStuff compresses your files and folders up to 98% smaller than their original size, so they transmit faster over the Internet, networks or via email. Just drag, drop, and it's StuffIt-compressed! You'll save more time and space instantly.

DropZip - For those times when you need to send a zip-compressed file to a PC user, use DropZip. DropZip makes sending zip files quick and easy - just drag and drop a file or folder onto the DropZip icon to compress. That's all there is to it!

DropTar - DropTar allows you to create tar-compressed files for transmission to Unix machines. Similar to DropStuff and DropZip, it's easy to use - just drag and drop a file or folder onto the DropTar icon to compress, and you're done.