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Hydra 1.0.1

5 Star Pick
License:Freeware OS:Mac OS X
Rating: Rated 5 Glowing Stars. Submitted:20 May 2003
File Size:1011 kB

Editing documents in groups can be a challenge. Versioning systems like cvs or subversion can help your group to keep a consistent copy of your document, but don't go that extra mile. Wouldn't it be great to edit the same document, live, in realtime, together with everyone in your group?

Time for Hydra
With Hydra you can. The idea of collaborative editing has been researched for years, with notable results. But now for the first time it has been implemented in a way you actually want to use: A sophisiticated technique allows all users to type anywhere in the text without locking parts of the text for other users, making Hydra just as easy to use as a traditional text editor.

Everyone's invited
Using Mac OS X 10.2's unique Rendezvous features you don't have to edit long lists of preferences anymore, configuring servers and clients. It's as easy as editing a local file, just click the share button and type away.

Programming extreme
Hydra has been developed with the developer in mind. It has features that support your all day coding work, like syntax coloring, indenting, etc. and can be used as editor for Apple's Project Builder. While it works perfectly well as a traditional editor, its real power unfolds when programming in teams. Pair programming or extreme programming are taken to the next level with multiple input foci, text coloring and other cool awareness features.

Hydra is not bloated
While being a full fledged editor, we promise that Hydra will never become a bloated piece of software like other text editors. Our goal is a high performance, sleek editor, with features that make your work even faster. This is possible due to Mac OS X's Aqua interface, which allows tools to get out of the way, while enabling you to do what you want.

The editor for the rest of us
Hydra is not just for developers. With its highly adjustable architecture it can become the central tool of your group activities. Imagine meetings with collaborative minute taking or writing your TV/film script or book together with your co-authors.

Hydra is licensed as freeware and is therefore free to download, use and keep.