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HTML Creator 3.5.1

5 Star Pick

An award winning HTML editor for Mac OS 8.6 and above.

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HTML Creator is an award winning shareware HTML editor for Mac OS 8.6 and above created with the intermediate user in mind (although beginners and advanced users are welcome too).

HTML Creator features 'assistants' that write the HTML code for you and allow you at all times to be in control. Leave any field blank and that attribute won't be added - not like other similar programs. HTML Creator also features more advanced tools such as JavaScripts, CSS, Frameset tools, and Server Side Includes as well productivity enhancements such as an easy to use HTML Reference, ScratchPad, Shortcuts, the ability to open and save files from FTP servers, and more.

Throughout the process of creating a web page, HTML Creator simplifies your task greatly. Ranging from the built in assistants to the WYSIWYG style Format menu, HTML Creator allows you to spend more time on the content than the code! Over 50 assistants are included, JavaScript and extras. In addition, the easy to use format menu and new document assistants will allow you to code like a pro!

For Any Level From beginner to pro, HTML Creator will feature some tool that will make your life easier. For the beginners, there are tons of assistants that help write the HTML for you, more advanced users can take advantage of the extensive HTML Reference, and for the advanced webmaster, the Batch Find & Replace will make your life much easier when it comes to change a global design!

Creator is fully customizable allowing you to set options ranging from the way text is shown to shortcuts which helps to cut down on repetitive typing. Mac Like From Start to Finish HTML Creator was designed to be a Mac HTML editor and features all of those small things which make a mac program feel polished - Navigation Services, Standard Dialogs, full Mac UI, multiple undo/redo - you name it, HTML Creator's got it!

New in Version 3.5.1:

  • Addition of a page properties dialog that allows you to modify the page title and body attributes.
  • Time-saving Work menu has been added that allows you to easily access important documents.
  • Under OS X, you can now preview pages in Camino, Internet Explorer, OmniWeb, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape, and Safari.
  • The Format menu is now more intelligent, wrapping tags around selected text, plus a paragraph submenu has been added
  • HTML Creator no longer uses "intelligent cut and paste", preventing white space from suddenly appearing
  • Addition web links, snippets, and entities have been added
  • Under OS 9, the document's toolbar now is displayed and the keyboard shortcut Command-C no longer zooms the window but copies text.
  • Under OS X, it is now possible to name non-HTML files with different extensions.
  • Other global bug fixes include canceling a color in the Format menu no longer adds blank code, new web page dialog checks for an empty background field, typing an @ (at) no longer enters the entity (if auto-conversion is on), the preference to display warnings now effects converting files, and other minor improvements.