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Fetch 4.0.3

License:Shareware OS:Mac OS X
Rating: Rated 5 Stars. Submitted:22 Jan 2003
File Size:1.25 MB Price: $25.00 USD (approx.)

Fetch includes all the standard features of a modern FTP client, presented in a user interface that is straight-forward and easy to use.

Fetch displays the files on your account in a form that is immediately familiar, because it mimics the appearance of the Mac OS's built-in file lists: Moving from directory to directory is as easy as double clicking on a folder icon, or using the pop-up menu to retrace your steps.

File Transfer
The most important job of an FTP client is to move files, and Fetch makes this as easy as pressing the "Put..." and "Get..." buttons, or simply dragging file icons between Fetch and the Finder. Not only can you transfer files, but entire folders and directories, with a single command.

Fetch includes support for more file formats than any other FTP client, and includes sophisticated logic to automatically select the right format or transfer mode. Fetch even lets you transfer files and directories directly between two servers, simply by dragging the icons from one to the other.

File Management
Fetch lets you create, delete, preview, edit, move and rename remote files, all from the same window. Deleting files and even entire directories is as simple as dragging them to the trash. You can preview any text file and any sound, video, animation or multimedia format supported by QuickTime. Text and image files can be created and edited thanks to Fetch's integration with BBEdit and GraphicConverter. Moving files between directories is as easy as drag and drop.

Mirror Transfers
Fetch lets you synchronize a folder on your Mac with a directory on your server, with one command, transferring only the files that have changed. You can save the command as a mirror document, which can be placed in your Apple Menu for one-click site updates. You can even mirror directories between two different servers.

Account Management
Fetch helps you stay on top of your web account. The "Get Info..." command lets you total the size of all the files in your account, so that you can manage your usage of disk space. The "Set Permissions..." command lets you keep directories private, or make CGI scripts executable, with a user interface that translates cryptic Unix permission codes to plain English and back.

Fetch is compatible with a wide range of FTP servers, from mainframes and high-end servers to Macintosh and Windows computers, and even servers embedded in prepress, image processing, and medical imaging systems.

This download is the free trial version of Fetch. The full version can be purchased directly from the author for around $25.00 USD. See program documentation for details.