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Screen Catcher 2.3.5

5 Star Pick

An excellent screen capture application with many cool features.

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Screen Catcher is a screen capture application capable of taking snapshots of screen images and saving them as PICT, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, Photoshop, SGI, MacPaint,TGA, and QuickTime files.

The software allows images to be captured to the clipboard, the printer, or to Screen Catcher's own windows, where they can be manipulated to change the color palette or reduce the number of colors in the image before copying, printing, or saving. It also offers a unique feature called "Catch-All", which scrolls the contents of a window to capture images that are longer than your screen.

Screen Catcher gives you a full complement of options for saving captured images to any folder you like. This also includes the ability to automatically open your snapshots in another application (like Adobe Photoshop, FireWorks, or ClarisWorks) so you can annotate or modify the image.

Features Include:

  • Precisely select an area before capturing an image, including pixel-by-pixel control using the arrow keys.
  • Capture pulled down menus, Capture the cursor.
  • Automatically name and save image files to any folder.
  • Convert images to the standard 216-color web browser palette, Microsoft Windows (R) palette, Macintosh color or grayscale palettes, or an optimally chosen color palette.
  • Resize images manually or automatically.
  • Read and write progressive JPEG files.
  • Read and write GIF files with interlacing and transparency.
  • Reduce or change color palettes automatically.
  • Open images in the program of your choice after they're saved to a file.
  • Copy and paste, drag and drop, and undo operations.
  • Generate URLs for images, including WIDTH and HEIGHT tags.