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Image Rodeo 1.3.2

Allows you to publish your digital images to a template-based web photo album. Cool!

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Image Rodeo is a template-based web photo album creator for Macintosh OS X. If you have a pile of images on your computer and you would like to generate them into a web album, Image Rodeo is for you!

Maybe you would like your family/friends to view your images online, or perhaps you just want to keep them organised in your own online catalogue. Whatever your reason, Image Rodeo provides two simple and powerful mechanisms for building the best and most unique designs for your web-album:

  • You can choose from a set of included templates with unique designs. You have full control over thumbnail and photo size; you can add captions and titles; and you can rotate your photos. Most templates support printing through Shutterfly (optional).
  • HTML coders can design their own templates using XML and Image Rodeo's built-in scripting language, IRScript. IRScript is loosely based on JavaScript, and provides access to all of Image Rodeo's internal photo and html properties.

Image Rodeo was designed to handle thousands of photos. It doesn't copy your archive when you import; it supports a page hierarchy much like Finder folders; and it's fast. And last, but not least: Image Rodeo was built exclusively for Macintosh OS X, so it supports unlimited undo, spell checking in every edit box, and AppleScript.

Image Rodeo works great with iPhoto! It extends iPhoto by adding powerful and extensible web site creation tools. You can manage your photos using iPhoto, then drag-and-drop to Image Rodeo to publish online. Image Rodeo doesn't create new copies during import, so there's no loss of disk space.

Features include:

  • Choose from several different templates, each with a unique look.
  • Create web sites that can be printed via Shutterfly.
  • Build your own template using HTML and IRScript.
  • Organise hundreds or thousands of photos using a Finder-like hierarchy.
  • Add titles and captions to your web site.
  • Read IPTC/NAA data from the source jpeg files.